Costa Rica


Ever since I knew I wanted to have kids-which happened sometime in my late twenties-I’ve thought about what it might look like to travel with them. I always saw us as a family of four traversing some far-flung landscape. But our kids were older, maybe twelve and eight. I didn’t think as much about traveling with a baby, though I assumed we would. Until we actually had a baby I always envisioned my future family life well past the infant stage. So when it came time to pack up and head off with Wren I didn’t have many expectations. Mostly, I just hoped it wouldn’t be a disaster.

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The 26th Year in Review

Our New Home.

Dublin City Center, AKA: Home.

In a few days I’ll leave my mid twenties and enter my late. I feel like I just wrote my 25th year post, and the past two years have been an absolute whirlwind. It’s been an incredible year, and so much has happened. So, what did 26 look like for me?

It was a year of new, and firsts, and constant change. And probably far too much time spent in airports.

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Finding A Travel Niche

Every trip has a lesson, at least, for me it always does. We both consider ourselves pretty travel savvy, after 37 countries, we ought to have picked up a few tricks! There are always new things to learn. On this trip, it’s been a more in depth understanding of what sort of travelers we are, or more specifically, what sort we aren’t.
No one likes to talk about negative feelings in travel, but they are so important. And retrospectively, can make great stories.

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