The 26th Year in Review

Our New Home.

Dublin City Center, AKA: Home.

In a few days I’ll leave my mid twenties and enter my late. I feel like I just wrote my 25th year post, and the past two years have been an absolute whirlwind. It’s been an incredible year, and so much has happened. So, what did 26 look like for me?

It was a year of new, and firsts, and constant change. And probably far too much time spent in airports.

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A Layover in Stockholm and Notes on Heritage

StockholmI’ve never been all that interested in family heritage, geographically speaking. I’m a smattering of European, and according to my 23&me genetic test, a bit of Northern Africa is thrown in as well. I have always had an interest in my family lineage, but never felt much desire or connection to the various places they hailed from. For a lot of Americans, knowing geographical heritage is important (read: lineage trips to Ireland), I’m sure in part because our history culture wise is pretty limited. I couldn’t tell you why I didn’t have much of an interest, but it just wasn’t there. ┬áNot until recently at least. Continue reading