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Being 20-something with an insatiable wanderlust, an inability to sit still, and a desire to write it all down.

Travel, has become an integral part of who I am. I set out in 2009 for my first independent trip to Africa and this blog was born. I knew the trip would change me, what I didn’t expect was to gain a need to travel. It’s been an affliction ever since, but I wouldn’t change it for anything. I’m not a long term backpacker off to see the world for a year, but two week breaks once a year aren’t my style either. Somewhere in the middle, trying to find balance, and ever increase my global education.


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  1. As somebody who likes traveling but doesn’t get to travel a lot, I find your blog really interesting, especially the pictures you take. I run my own blog (twentiesblog.wordpress.com) where people in their twenties share stories about what they’ve been doing with their lives, and I’d like to know if you could contribute by writing a profile of yourself. Please reply to twentiesblogger@gmail.com if you’re interested.

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