In December I got an email that read “half off flights to Fiji,” I clicked through the links assuming the dates wouldn’t line up with our vacation, but they did. So we booked, because why not? We didn’t have plans for our April trip and flights that cheap don’t come around all that often. None of us have been to Oceana, so there was also the appeal of checking off our sixth continent. It would be Wren’s first time south of the equator, and first time crossing the international date line. We had some mild concerns about taking a 17 month old on that long of a flight in our laps (10-11 hours depending on the jet-stream), but they were red-eyes so hopefully everyone would just sleep. And then after booking I promptly forgot about the trip until about two weeks before when we finalized our plans.

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Time has been on warp speed the last eight months. EIGHT months since I’ve thought of this blog, or recording our lives for the future. Since Colombia Wren turned one, started walking and talking. She has so much more personality now, and preferences (and opinions). She’s been changing so much. At 14 months we took her to Mexico, only 4 months later, but travel was completely different. This was the first trip where she actively participated, instead of just being brought around to whatever we were doing. Continue reading

10-Months Old: Colombia


I anticipated that when we told people we were taking our 10-month old daughter to Colombia that we’d get push back. Perhaps its because the New York Times insisted its a place to visit this year, or everyone has just accepted our tendency to lean towards lesser visited destinations, but overall the reactions have been mostly enthusiastic. A few questions as to “why” sure, but no objections. A fair amount of people had been themselves, leading me to wonder why we haven’t considered it before. As we geared up to travel for the first time with a mobile baby I’d been thinking a lot about balance with children. How we balance caring for their needs and our own. How we love and protect them, but not shelter them. How we continue to live our lives, while respecting their needs.  Continue reading

9 Months: This New (Social) Life


Wren is circling back around the blanket again, she’s half regular crawling, half bear crawling as she tries to balance with one hand because the other hand is holding a stollen snack from another baby. She has her own snacks, but stollen snacks taste better, apparently.  I don’t know where this little girl came from. I put her down and she’s off to explore, and sort of gently paw at her friends. She’s a curious one and loves spending time with other kids of all ages. She gets so excited when she sees other babies/kids and will verbally exclaim, usually with an “AH!” Which is great because we usually see friends every day of the week. Our social calendar, for the first time in my adult life is packed.

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