Three Half Marathons in Three Trimesters

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I found out I was pregnant not long after a disaster of a half marathon. The whole race I knew something was wrong with my body. The past few weeks I just felt weak and couldn’t hit paces. During the race I crashed pretty hard after mile 6. I felt lightheaded and nauseous. My hands felt tingly. I was just off. I ran a half-way respectable time, chalked it up to an expensive training run , and moved on. Then, two pink lines and a diagnosis for anemia. It all made sense. And that was my first trimester half.

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Chile Part 2: Atacama Desert


Valley of the Moon

We keep ending up in the desert. There’s something about the rugged, stark, enormity of them that draws me back. I like places that make me feel small, and the vast emptiness of the desert does just this. Plus, unlike the jungle there are far less bugs. Or at least, you’re more likely to see them coming. We would have preferred to head south, to Patagonia. But it’s the wrong season, so instead we flew north to one of the driest places on earth: The Atacama Desert.

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Chile Part 1: Santiago


We flanked our time in Chile in Santiago, but to keep it simple I’m combining our time there.

Turns out, Santiago is far from San Francisco. It’s 7.5 hours to Panama City and another 6.5 to Santiago. Fourteen hours of flights. I don’t think we really thought about this when booking. But, we took a redeye, used miles to go business class, and with only three hour time difference it wasn’t all that bad. Definitely felt far more jet-lag going to Japan. We slept most of the way there, customs was easy, and grabbing the bus to city center was simple and efficient (and $2/person). Avoiding taxis is one of my travel musts. Santiago proved an easy city for this with a robust metro and Uber for if we got lazy. Once we arrived we checked into our hotel and grabbed some street sopapillas before heading to bed.  Continue reading

Urology Intern Year: We Survived


Last Day of Intern Year

Before we took off for Chile (post soon!) we celebrated the end of intern year. The last 12, or really 18 months (from when Urology match happened) has been an absolute whirlwind. How we got here was something of a mix of luck and grit on Alex’s part. But we finally feel like we’re settled. And the dreaded surgical intern year? The one where people tell you it will be the worst year of your life? Or that your marriage might not survive? Well, maybe it used to be that way. Or maybe we were lucky-but it wasn’t nearly that bad. It wasn’t easy, and it involved a lot of flexibility and patience, but it never broke us. And I wanted to take a moment to write down how this year really was for us, before time wipes most of the memories clean.

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