Pescadero Camping


We went camping for what is most likely to be the last time before this baby is earth-side and in the tent with us! Now that we’re at 30 weeks things are starting to feel very real! So getting away just the two of us feels more and more important. Luckily, we live just over the hill from excellent camping.  Continue reading


The July Effect: Residency Year 2

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End of July Run Together-it happens sometimes

A somewhat rambling post on why July is the worst and pregnancy is stupid. 

We officially survived July. I think if a computer aggregated all of the words I’ve posted online that the most popular word from pre-residency would be “adventure” and the most popular for in residency would be “survive(d).” Often on Fridays when Alex officially passes the devil in a black box (his pager) on to the on call resident (whichever poor soul that is) we breathe a sigh of relief. Another week done. Ironically, I also currently “change weeks” in pregnancy on Fridays. So it’s a good day. Usually.  Continue reading

Three Half Marathons in Three Trimesters

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I found out I was pregnant not long after a disaster of a half marathon. The whole race I knew something was wrong with my body. The past few weeks I just felt weak and couldn’t hit paces. During the race I crashed pretty hard after mile 6. I felt lightheaded and nauseous. My hands felt tingly. I was just off. I ran a half-way respectable time, chalked it up to an expensive training run , and moved on. Then, two pink lines and a diagnosis for anemia. It all made sense. And that was my first trimester half.

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Chile Part 2: Atacama Desert


Valley of the Moon

We keep ending up in the desert. There’s something about the rugged, stark, enormity of them that draws me back. I like places that make me feel small, and the vast emptiness of the desert does just this. Plus, unlike the jungle there are far less bugs. Or at least, you’re more likely to see them coming. We would have preferred to head south, to Patagonia. But it’s the wrong season, so instead we flew north to one of the driest places on earth: The Atacama Desert.

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