Colorado: A Graduation


It feels like I’ve been asking the question “where does time go” a lot lately. Perhaps, it is just turning 30, and now that I have over a decade of “adult” life behind me time seems to be slipping away more rapidly. But there is something particularly strange to me about my baby sister, who is nearly a decade younger, graduating college. I feel like it wasn’t that long ago I graduated college. It isn’t that I think of her as perpetually a child. She is a grown lady now with her own life and ambitions. And I’m super proud and happy to call her a sister. And I love that she’s old enough that we share more and more in common. Pretty hard as a teenage to relate to an seven year old most of the time. But still, I don’t think I ever imagined her out in “the world” as an adult. So it’s a bit strange.

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Nashville: A Half Marathon to Remember



I spent the last week running, eating, and spending time with good friends. Basically, as ideal of a week as is possible (minus the sad lack of Alex joining). Back in the fall, before I knew we’d be moving to the Bay Area I registered for the RNR Nashville Half. So instead of just another half, it ended up being an excuse to visit friends. And so, Wednesday before the race I hopped on a plane and headed back to Music City.

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We decided we shouldn’t spend the entire week in Tokyo, though you certainly could! We felt like we barely had a chance to see any of it. But, we also wanted to see a bit more of Japan. We’ll eventually come back to see other areas of the country, but for such a short amount of time we stayed nearby. About an hour south of Tokyo is Kamakura, which is a small city known for its temples and beach. We came, of course, for the temples and to get out of the city.

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Tokyo Part 2.


The next day, still waking up too early, we started off to the Tsukiji Fish Market. We’d read about the 3am visit where you can watch the Tuna auction, but it sounded logistically far too difficult (and many agreed it was hardly worth the effort). Instead, we opted for breakfast (of sashimi, of course!) followed by a more reasonable tour of the market as the vendors were winding down. It was impressive. But we also got the sense that tourists were more or less in the way. The food portion of the market though is incredible and you could spend hours wandering and eating. Continue reading