Ireland + 6 Months


Six months. Yesterday was Wren’s half birthday! I’m having trouble wrapping my brain around this fact. It feels like moments ago that we took her home. And yet it’s astounding how different life is now than it was then. Even more, how much she’s changed. Not only from a newborn, but in the past two months. Months four and five have been huge in terms of development and change (with a trip abroad thrown in for good measure).

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A short and uneventful ferry ride from Helsinki brought us to Tallinn and our first glimpse of the Baltic countries. The difference between the two cities is immediate, the ferry harbour is littered with soviet era remnants, old town Tallinn is picturesque with winding cobblestone paths and colorful old buildings, unlike the very modern feel of Helsinki. Tallinn is also a lot less expensive and as such is known as somewhat of a party city, which is clearly what we came for.  Continue reading


Aside from images of Finland’s Laplands we didn’t have much of a mental image of Finland. We’ve met people from all over the world, but neither of us can recall meeting a Finnish person. So when we visualized the country it was mostly blank, and we had little expectations of the furthest east Scandanavian country. We chose Helsinki in part because it made sense flightwise, but also to finish up traveling to all of Scandanavia. Continue reading

On Training for a First Marathon

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A more reasonable person might wait to train for a marathon until they’ve been running for more than six months (which is when I began this training cycle). But because I don’t do anything “reasonably,” I decided to jump right in, the noise of the collective opinion on running muffled in my mind. I started running assuming it would just be an athletic outlet, I didn’t really intend to race. And then, as it goes, I was sucked in. Because I can’t do anything casually I’ve fully committed to a rigorous marathon training scheme, running about double the volume of your average first time marathoner. We’ll find out if this was a smart choice on April 10th. But hey, go big, right? Or something.

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