Ireland + 6 Months


Six months. Yesterday was Wren’s half birthday! I’m having trouble wrapping my brain around this fact. It feels like moments ago that we took her home. And yet it’s astounding how different life is now than it was then. Even more, how much she’s changed. Not only from a newborn, but in the past two months. Months four and five have been huge in terms of development and change (with a trip abroad thrown in for good measure).

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On Training for a First Marathon

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A more reasonable person might wait to train for a marathon until they’ve been running for more than six months (which is when I began this training cycle). But because I don’t do anything “reasonably,” I decided to jump right in, the noise of the collective opinion on running muffled in my mind. I started running assuming it would just be an athletic outlet, I didn’t really intend to race. And then, as it goes, I was sucked in. Because I can’t do anything casually I’ve fully committed to a rigorous marathon training scheme, running about double the volume of your average first time marathoner. We’ll find out if this was a smart choice on April 10th. But hey, go big, right? Or something.

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Exploring Dublin: Blackrock

Rare Sun: Blackrock

Rare Sun: Blackrock

One of the questions I get a lot from people back home about living in Ireland is “what is it like?” And to be honest, Dublin, and Ireland in general doesn’t feel all that different from living in the states. I’m not the only one, most North American expats in our circle of friends feel the same. After awhile, the Irish accents fade, and you stop noticing them. And although you hear accents from all over the world, having spent the majority of my adult life in major cities, this doesn’t feel at all foreign. Basically, I forget we’re in Europe. And indeed, Dublin shares many common aspects to living stateside. One of which, is the lack of adequate public transit. And nothing makes me feel like I’m stateside more than not being able to rely on public transportation (outside of New York).

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The 26th Year in Review

Our New Home.

Dublin City Center, AKA: Home.

In a few days I’ll leave my mid twenties and enter my late. I feel like I just wrote my 25th year post, and the past two years have been an absolute whirlwind. It’s been an incredible year, and so much has happened. So, what did 26 look like for me?

It was a year of new, and firsts, and constant change. And probably far too much time spent in airports.

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