September in Dublin, the Second Round.

Turkish Coffee

The six of us sat around the table eating dinner together. It felt odd, this little table crowded into the corner in such a vast, unadorned room with two photos leaning haphazardly against the radiator. The television was on mute in the background with music videos from the Middle East skipping in and out. I have never been a friend with someone from Saudi before, and this was the first time I had seen her without her hijab. We talked casually in class, and around town, but here in her home she was a different person, at least, to me.  Continue reading


Spring in Dublin Finally Arrives

Dublin SpringThe weather changed rapidly. From a wind hammered, damp, dark winter to a suddenly pleasant, sun soaked spring. We’ve been waiting with much anticipation. Rain and dirt crusted boots no longer sit in front of the heater, instead we wear light jackets and sunglasses. We marvel at this fact every day, even though it’s only 60 degrees. But it’s as if an entirely new city has emerged. And with it the crowds flock to dine at outdoor patios, afternoons bring strolls in the park, and we forage the recently bloomed flowers for center pieces at home. I remember this city, it’s the one we moved to 8 months ago. But I had forgotten just how beautiful it could be when the grey saturated sky part and the warmth allows for life to emerge again. This is the Dublin I feel in love with. And while the trees are still slightly barren, and the wind can whisk away warmth in an instant there is the promise of longer days and saturated colors. We welcome Spring in Dublin, whole heartedly. Continue reading

Life in Ireland: 7 Months Later.

WicklowThere’s something happening outside of my window this morning. As usual, there’s a brisk chill, light clouds streak across the horizon threatening to encompass the sky and bring with them the usual daily rain. But for now, there seems to be warmth. It is an illusion of course. It’s near freezing, despite being almost April. But the sun illuminates the stark, leaf-less trees and reminds me what natural light is like. It’s fleeting, to be sure. In a few hours, it will be dark again, from the rain and clouds. So I sit in my living room with a hot cup of coffee, bask in the warmth of the sun streaming through my window and soak it in before it leaves. This gift of light makes me irrationally happy.  Continue reading

St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin: A Bird’s Eye View

St. Patricks DayI didn’t know how big of a deal St. Patrick’s day was in the United States before moving to Dublin. Perhaps I was generally aware, or it’s not as celebrated on the west coast, or I was spending last year’s prepping to fly to Nepal to begin my summer in Asia and was more concerned about not forgetting something to notice the day. In any case, I vaguely knew that people in the US regard this holiday with quite a bit of enthusiasm and dedication. Or what’s more, that spending the day in Dublin is on many bucket lists. So, I was curious what it would be like here. I had heard stories of absurd debauchery and was mildly concerned about dealing with a city full of drunken tourists-I had also heard most Irish people stay locked in or flee the city. Regardless, it would be interesting.  Continue reading