Spring in Dublin Finally Arrives

Dublin SpringThe weather changed rapidly. From a wind hammered, damp, dark winter to a suddenly pleasant, sun soaked spring. We’ve been waiting with much anticipation. Rain and dirt crusted boots no longer sit in front of the heater, instead we wear light jackets and sunglasses. We marvel at this fact every day, even though it’s only 60 degrees. But it’s as if an entirely new city has emerged. And with it the crowds flock to dine at outdoor patios, afternoons bring strolls in the park, and we forage the recently bloomed flowers for center pieces at home. I remember this city, it’s the one we moved to 8 months ago. But I had forgotten just how beautiful it could be when the grey saturated sky part and the warmth allows for life to emerge again. This is the Dublin I feel in love with. And while the trees are still slightly barren, and the wind can whisk away warmth in an instant there is the promise of longer days and saturated colors. We welcome Spring in Dublin, whole heartedly.

Foraged Greens Foraging Backyard Center Pieces Saturated Blue


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