On Training for a First Marathon

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A more reasonable person might wait to train for a marathon until they’ve been running for more than six months (which is when I began this training cycle). But because I don’t do anything “reasonably,” I decided to jump right in, the noise of the collective opinion on running muffled in my mind. I started running assuming it would just be an athletic outlet, I didn’t really intend to race. And then, as it goes, I was sucked in. Because I can’t do anything casually I’ve fully committed to a rigorous marathon training scheme, running about double the volume of your average first time marathoner. We’ll find out if this was a smart choice on April 10th. But hey, go big, right? Or something.

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My First Race: Dublin Run In The Dark 10k



I ran my first race last night, a 10k night run in the docklands of Dublin. The day before the nerves set in, though I’ve run 6.2 miles a multitude of times, in fact, it’s the most common distance I run these days, I felt all of a sudden completely unsure of my abilities. Not that I could finish it, but that I could finish near my goal time and feel good about it. I’d never run a race in my 29 years, and that inexperience made me extraordinarily nervous. I thought, I probably should have run a 5k at some point, why did I start at 10k? But, of course, I knew I’d run it. Based on my training times I set up three goals, 55 min, 56 min, sub-1 hour (aka, all else fails).  Continue reading

Five Months of Running

Five months! I can’t believe it’s been that long since I started running. I’m very proud of how far I’ve come, but I’m also humbled, I imagined I would be much faster, and be able to run further than I currently can. Of course, those expectations were not rooted in logic, more like blind optimism, and my progression has been respectable. But, it’s been a lot different than I expected it to be.

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Dublin Running

Phoenix Park

I can’t tell you how excited I am to be back to Dublin running! Well, for now. Until it rains, and gets miserable, then I’ll complain constantly. But for now, it’s perfect! I can run at any time of the day (it’s almost never over 64 in the fall) and only run hills if I want to, otherwise it’s smooth and flat for miles. The last time I ran in Dublin I was just weeks into learning, logging three slow miles each run max. Now, with some solid baseline training behind me, I finally get to explore what Dublin has to offer runners. We haven’t been back a week and I’ve been able to log nearly 30 miles and complete my first 100-mile month, aiming for 150 for October. It’s such a different experience, being able to run for miles without struggling or gasping for air or getting side cramps, I’m finally able to enjoy my runs.  Continue reading