My First Race: Dublin Run In The Dark 10k



I ran my first race last night, a 10k night run in the docklands of Dublin. The day before the nerves set in, though I’ve run 6.2 miles a multitude of times, in fact, it’s the most common distance I run these days, I felt all of a sudden completely unsure of my abilities. Not that I could finish it, but that I could finish near my goal time and feel good about it. I’d never run a race in my 29 years, and that inexperience made me extraordinarily nervous. I thought, I probably should have run a 5k at some point, why did I start at 10k? But, of course, I knew I’d run it. Based on my training times I set up three goals, 55 min, 56 min, sub-1 hour (aka, all else fails).  Continue reading


Five Months of Running

Five months! I can’t believe it’s been that long since I started running. I’m very proud of how far I’ve come, but I’m also humbled, I imagined I would be much faster, and be able to run further than I currently can. Of course, those expectations were not rooted in logic, more like blind optimism, and my progression has been respectable. But, it’s been a lot different than I expected it to be.

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Dublin Running

Phoenix Park

I can’t tell you how excited I am to be back to Dublin running! Well, for now. Until it rains, and gets miserable, then I’ll complain constantly. But for now, it’s perfect! I can run at any time of the day (it’s almost never over 64 in the fall) and only run hills if I want to, otherwise it’s smooth and flat for miles. The last time I ran in Dublin I was just weeks into learning, logging three slow miles each run max. Now, with some solid baseline training behind me, I finally get to explore what Dublin has to offer runners. We haven’t been back a week and I’ve been able to log nearly 30 miles and complete my first 100-mile month, aiming for 150 for October. It’s such a different experience, being able to run for miles without struggling or gasping for air or getting side cramps, I’m finally able to enjoy my runs.  Continue reading

Hiking Wicklow Mountains

Views over Glendalough

Months ago, after returning to Dublin from Morocco I joined a hiking group. This weekend I finally went on my first hike. I’ve only been back from the Camino ten days, but have been itching to get back on the trail. So, I dove in, choosing to join a 20km higher difficulty hike around Wicklow, an area I’d been but had never hiked. But I figured, 20km was nothing, even with a near 1,000m elevation gain, right? Saturday brought a cool, clear day during a week of bizarre and mercurial weather. A welcome change, and a good thing too, as this hike would wind up being hard enough without the often present inclement weather.  Continue reading