Pescadero Camping


We went camping for what is most likely to be the last time before this baby is earth-side and in the tent with us! Now that we’re at 30 weeks things are starting to feel very real! So getting away just the two of us feels more and more important. Luckily, we live just over the hill from excellent camping.  Continue reading


Life Catch Up: Moving to Silicon Valley


I’ve long neglected this blog, and for no particularly good reason. Just life I suppose. After the marathon our time in Nashville was mostly spent preparing to leave. It was bitter sweet, we were so incredibly excited to move back to the Bay Area, but sad to be leaving our little community of people. But ultimately, we knew we didn’t want to spend 5-6 years in the south. Mostly, because of the weather, but also it just felt a bit…off culturally. For us. Plus, my closest friend would only be there until June anyway. So, ultimately it was an overall very positive move.

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