Pescadero Camping


We went camping for what is most likely to be the last time before this baby is earth-side and in the tent with us! Now that we’re at 30 weeks things are starting to feel very real! So getting away just the two of us feels more and more important. Luckily, we live just over the hill from excellent camping. 


Our campsite check in wasn’t until 2pm so after our respective morning runs we grabbed brunch at Alice’s which lies conveniently half way between Palo Alto and Memorial Park in Woodside. Though it’s always slammed we’ve never had to wait for more than a few minutes for brunch, even at peak hours. We got a breakfast burrito and huevos rancheros before heading towards the coast.


We booked our site on hipcamp, our first time using the site and were very happy with the results. Our camp was across from Memorial Park and because you have to hike up a bit it attracted a different crowd than the car-campers and RV-set, which is decidedly not our scene. It wasn’t fully primitive, with a compost toilet and fire pit, but we did have to bring in our own water source and pack everything out. It was a good middle ground. There were a few others we shared the grounds with, instead of a whole campground teaming with screaming children, so that was a huge plus. In general, I’d prefer solitude and hiking in a decent way to avoid the above, but with one night we figured we’d chance it and go with a reserved spot-and it ended up working out perfectly. Everyone we shared the area with was super nice. It was a very Bay Area crowd, lots of languages flying around, interesting backstories from all over the globe. Several Stanford affiliations. As it goes. One couple the woman (also pregnant) is German and moved over with her husband who is from here, but was living in Austria for several years where they met. Two other couples (alumni from Stanford business school) brought their 15 and 18 month old girls. One couple was speaking English and Spanish to their daughter and the other Hebrew and English. A camp further away had twin 16 month old boys. It was so great to see young kids out in the wilderness, not bound to RVs or “kid friendly” camping. It was very reassuring to us that as long as we start them young, our kids should be fine to join us in our preferred outdoor pursuits, not just parred down versions.


Because we only had to hike in a little we splurged and brought our cast iron pan with us. Prior to coming out we prepped all the ingredients for campfire stroganoff and a breakfast scramble. We’re usually pretty lazy about meal cooking while camping, but we figured it would be fun to try something a bit more advanced since we had a pit, grate, and ability to bring more supplies than usual. After a short hike to summit the nearest hill while avoiding the massive amount of poison oak/ivy we settled in for the evening for cooking, playing carcossonne on the ipad and chatting with our campmates.


We were shocked at how good this ended up being. Not that we were terribly concerned, but given how temperamental campfires are we didn’t have high hopes. But it was so good we’d make it for an easy meal at home (link).  We spent most of the night talking with people around the campfire before settling into our tent. I was admittedly unsure of how sleeping on a camping mattress would go at 30 weeks pregnant, but it was fine! It certainly was slightly harder than usual, but I never sleep that well the first night in a tent anyway. So I was pleasantly surprised my body was still fine with it. Not sure how much longer that might be the case, however.


While I know I’m lucky to have had such an easy go of pregnancy, I’m not loving that I’m finally starting to feel like limitations are imminent. I know they are going to be short lived, and obviously worth it. But for someone who is used to have a lot of control over their body it isn’t easy. I am however, so thankful to be pregnant in the era of supportive doctors when it comes to fitness. Not just supportive, but encouraging with the bulk of literature and medical professionals saying not only is it safe to exercise during pregnancy but that it is recommended to get at least 30 minutes most days of the week (even for those inactive prior to pregnancy). The evidence is strong for improved outcomes and health of both mom and baby. So while I love that I get the all clear to continue staying fit, but the added knowledge that I’m adding benefits for both of us is huge. I have no way of knowing exactly how much of my easy go of this is related to luck, or genetics, or my own doing. But I’m thrilled that I can still be out in the world doing what I love. I know if nothing else it’s been a huge help to my mental wellbeing. One of my biggest fears was losing the ability to be active, so glad that hasn’t happened! And with any luck (and a bit of work), it should hopefully continue! Even if camping has to take a back seat until the spring. I’ll take it.


The next morning we made breakfast before packing up and heading to the coast. The town of Pescadero is only 15 minutes from the campsite so we stopped there to pick up some bakery items and have a macchiato at the cafe. From there we drove north along highway one for a bit, taking advantage of the rare blue skies and moderate temperatures. I’ve never been to the coast when there was good weather, and who knows when it’ll happen again!


After a wander around the cliffs we headed home. It was brief, but so great to spend a bit of time together in nature before the craziness of the next several weeks sets in. Our next free weekend isn’t until the end of September and time seems like its closing in on us a bit in terms of enjoying time as a duo before we add another person to our lives! Nine weeks and three days to go!


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