Adventure Baby Shower


We had our first baby shower this weekend! Prior to getting married neither of us were really throwing party types. But then we realized, they are simply excuses to get together with our favorite people and celebrate big life moments. And keeping these parties small and close means you get several hours deeply enjoying being immersed in your community. We are not overly social people, and our community is small, but strong and filled with the best people. We are constantly overjoyed with just how amazing the people in our lives are. They are always there for us, willing to go above and beyond for each other. We feel very lucky. 


Apparently there was a blue memo? 

In my previous non-baby life I always thought baby showers sounded terrible. Women only, no booze, awkward present opening and silly games. So for ours we did away with all of it. Our wonderful hosts took the lead and threw a more sophisticated (yet low-key) brunchy-boozy-baby shower where everyone just mingled and no one was forced to play a game against their will. We’ve only been back in the Bay Area eight months, but it was so great to see how much of a community has formed around us in that time.


One of the biggest perks of Stanford: This couple. 

I honestly don’t know how we got so lucky. To be bringing this child into the world both near family and into a community where support is endless. Having friends with kids at stages just beyond ours is so great! We went from knowing no one with babies to now hardly knowing anyone who isn’t in that stage (or about to be) in our immediate circle.


A shower also means we are very near to welcoming this little one into our lives! 7.5 weeks until they’re due (so you a know…4-9 week window). People have started asking if we’re ready. To which the answer is of course, how could we know? We’re excited. We know it’s difficult, particularly at first. But we went into this as aware as we could be. There’s of course no ideal time to have a child, if we waited for that we’d never have one. But we feel confident that this decision is, overall, extremely positive. I catch myself constantly thinking towards the future, to the adventures we’ll have. I can’t wait to rediscover the world through their eyes. I see the looks of joy and elation on our friends faces watching their children grow, and I can’t wait to experience that.

And so far, 32 weeks+ into this I’m still feeling great. Pregnancy has been very, very kind to me. Though even in this best-case-scenario I am more than ready to be done. February, when we found out, is a long time ago! And we both are ready to meet him/her. Plus everything is set! We have a hospital tour tomorrow, our next shower this weekend. And then? We will impatiently wait while trying to “enjoy this time.” Though from what everyone has said no one really does. How can you? There’s this super exciting event looming on the horizon! This shower in my mind was always the kickoff to the end. We’re now counting down from 50-or so days! And it was just such a great kickoff to the final countdown. I’m still floating on the cloud of joy we experienced that day. And we get to do it again this weekend in my hometown with more people we don’t see often enough. It’s a pretty wonderful time!


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