Brewery Shower


I’m not fully sure where time is going! Almost Two weekends ago we had our second shower in my hometown in WA State. By some stroke of luck Alex actually had the three day weekend off and flights made it possible for him to fly up. It would have been fun either way, but significantly less so without half of the reason we’re celebrating! I still don’t fully get the appeal of all women showers. I mean, we are far more involved during these 9 months, but also the partner is pretty important too! Plus Alex hasn’t been to Pullman in five years, which seems so absurd! 


We both made it to WA without too much difficulty and Friday night got to spend time with one of my best friends from grad school Lindsey who drove over from Seattle. We also spent a few hours decorating our corn hole game: re-purposed as “toss the sperm in the egg” because we are adults. But it was a big hit! Even if a few ladies of a different generation may have been a bit taken aback!


The shower itself was at Hunga Dunga over the border in Moscow, ID. My parents are part owners so we got to use the space, which was perfect! It was slightly smaller than our California shower, so it had a different feel and we certainly spent more time with everyone. It was so great to see people that I wish were in our lives more. Events celebrating major life moments really are the best if only to give a reason to have your favorite people in one place! It was similar to the California shower in that we just spent a few hours spending time with people, enjoying company, good food and drinks in a laid back way. A lot of thought went into the details at both showers and we both felt very loved and celebrated. It’s amazing to know how many people are excited for our next chapter, and the support we feel is pretty incredible.


After the shower we spent that night and the next day continuing to spend time with people. Mostly, of course through various food-related activities. And then by Tuesday morning everyone went home. I stayed on several more days to spend time with my parents. But it occurred to me that I had been counting down to these showers for months. And then hadn’t thought much further. After all the excitement of the past few weeks, we’re just on the other side now counting down the days/weeks until we meet our son/daughter! Which, as of this Friday is anywhere from probably 2-7 weeks. We’re hoping for 3-4 weeks but of course, babies have their own schedule so we’ll see! But everything is officially ordered/organized/ready. Still need to install that carseat though. So now we wait! We’re both so happy we got to have these events and that we have such incredible people in our lives! You only typically have showers for your first (although who says you can’t just throw a great party to celebrate subsequent kiddos) and we wouldn’t have had ours any other way. They were absolutely everything we could hope for!



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