Brewery Shower


I’m not fully sure where time is going! Almost Two weekends ago we had our second shower in my hometown in WA State. By some stroke of luck Alex actually had the three day weekend off and flights made it possible for him to fly up. It would have been fun either way, but significantly less so without half of the reason we’re celebrating! I still don’t fully get the appeal of all women showers. I mean, we are far more involved during these 9 months, but also the partner is pretty important too! Plus Alex hasn’t been to Pullman in five years, which seems so absurd!  Continue reading


Seattle Weekender

Lake of the Angels

Two and a half years ago, when the first of our American-crew left Ireland we made a promise to meet up once a year, no matter where in the world we happened to be. Last year, everyone traveled for our wedding, which is a pretty solid reason for a reunion. This year, three of us, Ashley, Lindsey and I managed to find a weekend that worked for us to all visit Seattle, where Lindsey is attending medical school. I’m so thankful to have these women in my life, they feel more akin to sisters, and no matter the time or distance, we always fall immediately back into the ease of great friendship. It is hard to see them, because then I’m reminded what I’m missing most of my year.  Continue reading

Ten-Year High School Reunion

Best Friends Since the 90's

Best Friends Since the 90’s

Back at my childhood home my best-friend from growing up (Cyndi) and I flip through our old yearbooks. We’re trying to figure out who someone (who we deemed “pink shirt guy”) was. We didn’t remember him. Which was odd because Pullman is small. Our graduating class was 200, everyone at least knew who everyone else was. We finally found him, turns out he’s in a different class. Which, makes sense, as the organizers of the event decided it would be a “social class” of 2005 reunion. Whatever that means. But this is typical of PHS class of 2005-we, as a class, were not fans of rules or expectations. We were, collectively an odd bunch.

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