Masaya Volcano


I couldn’t remember if I’ve seen an active volcano in person before. I’d been to Hawaii, so it seemed probable. But for as much time as we spent in Asia, we never actually made it to a volcano, which retrospectively seems absurd. This time around, we made sure not to miss it. Continue reading


Three Days, Many Meals, in Granada


Granada is tourist home-base for most visitors to Nicaragua. With three days we decided to spend our time wandering the streets of the old colonial city, kayaking, and eating. Mostly, of course, eating. And while Nicaragua is isn’t known for its culinary scene, and there aren’t many places to get good local food, we found what is available to be absolutely delicious. Granada is also relatively compact, making walking the best option for seeing all the city has to offer.
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How a Pupusa Saved us from a Torrential Downpour


Pupusas, are not Nicaraguan. They’re actually from El Salvador, a neighboring country, but they’re pretty prevalent here too. Essentially, they’re a contained quesadilla, and we love them. I even considered routing us through El Salvador just to get them from the source. Which, to me, seems like a perfectly reasonable thing to do. The flights, however didn’t work out. So we would have to suffice finding them here.

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Arrival: Granada


The plane pitched forward, bobbed, bounced, and screeched to a stop. The night air in the jetway was a familiar hot and sticky humid. We arrived in Nicaragua. Because there had been reports of roadside tourist robbing we opted to stay the night in Managua, the capital city. We drank Toña beer in the lounge, which turns out to be a barely passable lager, and in our travel haze toasted to our next adventure.

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