Next Up: Nicaragua

Marin Headlands

Marin Headlands

According to United , we have flights to Nicaragua tomorrow morning. We should probably pack, or something. Specifically, we should probably pack rain gear-which I’ve conveniently forgotten in Dublin, maybe because I’m willing the world to just give me a break from rain already (please?).  True to our recent theme of travel in the last 18 months we’ll be going in the “green season,” aka, low season. Lest we actually go to a country when you’re supposed to visit it. We left Europe right when it would be ideal to be there and are instead, headed to temperamental weather in Central America. At least, there will be few tourists, a fact that makes off-season travel almost worth it alone.  The 50% off deals at hotels we couldn’t normally afford doesn’t hurt either.  Continue reading


Tikal, Zip Line, and Markets


Yesterday, we visited Tikal. The most impressive Mayan ruins in Central America. It would take a couple days to see everything, since Tikal is in fact a city, so we just saw the highlights with the time we had. Rather then try to describe how incredible this place was, I’ll leave it to the pictures which will, of course never give the sheer grandeur of the site justice, but certainly can do pretty good job. Or you know, you watch Return of the Jedi, which has about a 6-second scene here.

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Short Term Travel: The Tradeoff.


Lake Peten Itza

In the past few years, my travel has been, at it’s shortest one month in length. I usually tout the benefits of such travel, and generally believe its incredibly difficult to really see a country for any less than three weeks. Even then, you mostly only scratch the surface, catch glimpses, get a taste. But I do believe this sort of quick ten day jaunt is still an incredibly worthwhile venture, but for entirely different reasons.

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