Next Up: Nicaragua

Marin Headlands

Marin Headlands

According to United , we have flights to Nicaragua tomorrow morning. We should probably pack, or something. Specifically, we should probably pack rain gear-which I’ve conveniently forgotten in Dublin, maybe because I’m willing the world to just give me a break from rain already (please?).  True to our recent theme of travel in the last 18 months we’ll be going in the “green season,” aka, low season. Lest we actually go to a country when you’re supposed to visit it. We left Europe right when it would be ideal to be there and are instead, headed to temperamental weather in Central America. At least, there will be few tourists, a fact that makes off-season travel almost worth it alone.  The 50% off deals at hotels we couldn’t normally afford doesn’t hurt either. 

We are, of course, really excited. Even if we keep forgetting we’re going. An interesting side effect of living in Europe is that one hour cheap flights mean we travel on short hops a lot more than in the US. So, travel now doesn’t bring with it the anticipation or planning. Going to the airport is just as much fun as ever (read:not), but it doesn’t stress us at all, just a thing to get through. It’s just what we’re doing this week. Which, is weird. Because we are not in fact just hopping over to Belgium for the weekend on a flash sale flight, but headed 7 hours by plane into an entirely different country.

We’ve booked our hotels, but that’s about it. It’s only a ten-day trip, so it’s unlikely our plans will deviate all that much. We haven’t decided any other plans or details. As I travel more, I plan less, which for me is astounding. I plan everything ever. But, the unknown, the lack of expectations, and the surprises of travel have proved to be my favorite memories. Of course, we know the basics, the health, safety, how to get around and avoid scams bit. We have a general sense of what to expect, but that’s about it. I’d say, out of all of our trips, this is the most “spontaneous” and I’m really excited to see how it plays out.

So, on to Nicaragua!! Bug repellant in hand.


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