The 26th Year in Review

Our New Home.

Dublin City Center, AKA: Home.

In a few days I’ll leave my mid twenties and enter my late. I feel like I just wrote my 25th year post, and the past two years have been an absolute whirlwind. It’s been an incredible year, and so much has happened. So, what did 26 look like for me?

It was a year of new, and firsts, and constant change. And probably far too much time spent in airports.

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How a Pupusa Saved us from a Torrential Downpour


Pupusas, are not Nicaraguan. They’re actually from El Salvador, a neighboring country, but they’re pretty prevalent here too. Essentially, they’re a contained quesadilla, and we love them. I even considered routing us through El Salvador just to get them from the source. Which, to me, seems like a perfectly reasonable thing to do. The flights, however didn’t work out. So we would have to suffice finding them here.

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Arrival: Granada


The plane pitched forward, bobbed, bounced, and screeched to a stop. The night air in the jetway was a familiar hot and sticky humid. We arrived in Nicaragua. Because there had been reports of roadside tourist robbing we opted to stay the night in Managua, the capital city. We drank Toña beer in the lounge, which turns out to be a barely passable lager, and in our travel haze toasted to our next adventure.

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Next Up: Nicaragua

Marin Headlands

Marin Headlands

According to United , we have flights to Nicaragua tomorrow morning. We should probably pack, or something. Specifically, we should probably pack rain gear-which I’ve conveniently forgotten in Dublin, maybe because I’m willing the world to just give me a break from rain already (please?).  True to our recent theme of travel in the last 18 months we’ll be going in the “green season,” aka, low season. Lest we actually go to a country when you’re supposed to visit it. We left Europe right when it would be ideal to be there and are instead, headed to temperamental weather in Central America. At least, there will be few tourists, a fact that makes off-season travel almost worth it alone.  The 50% off deals at hotels we couldn’t normally afford doesn’t hurt either.  Continue reading