Indianpolis Monumental Marathon


Still riding the high of all the recent good news we headed to Indianapolis for the marathon and my 30th birthday. I had decided during the summer to celebrate my birthday by running a marathon. I knew I wanted something substantial for my 30th, and given how important running has become in my life I figured it was a perfect opportunity. It was a risk of course, marathons can go terribly wrong (like much of my first), but it also gave me unique motivation. Continue reading


Nashville Fall: Denver and Stanford.

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Word dump of all the happenings.

I’ve neglected this blog for awhile now. So much has happened in the past few months, it’s now December and we’re counting down the final weeks of living in the South. Because December 29th we’ll be packing up (once again) and heading back to the Bay Area. A fact that surprises us still. It hasn’t sunk in at all. Even as we make all of the arrangements, it doesn’t seem real. In part, because it seems too good.

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The Nashville Running Scene


Ten days after arriving in Nashville I walked onto the track in Brentwood TN at 6AM. Previously a solo runner I decided in this new city training with a group would be a great way to stay motivated and perhaps meet new friends. This first group was dedicated to track workouts. I was nervous, I’d done some speed training before, but still considered myself to be a relative newbie to the track. Continue reading

Marathon Training: The Final Weeks


Sixteen and a half weeks ago I started training for a marathon. Like a lot of things I do in my life, it stemmed from a perspective of “why not?” The most valuable pursuits in my life have always been somewhat lofty goals that required a great departure from my comfort zone. The reward has always been life changing. Not in the epiphany sort of way, but more in subtle shifts of perspective that permeate all aspects of my life. But ultimately, vastly improve it.  The three life changing events that come immediately to mind are when I flew to Nepal by myself to trek in the Himalayas, when I summited Mt. Kilimanjaro with zero training and gear that was by most considerations, barely adequate, when I hiked across Spain for a month. And soon, I believe, training for, and running my first marathon will be added to this list.

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