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Kaneshi Station

This weekend, thus far, has been punctuated by two successes.

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The Importance of a Sandwich

Sitting in the DC airport, excessively early. Excessive being, a great understatement. It’s so early in fact, we can’t even go through security. In part because the heat index is in the triple digits, and in part because we didn’t feel like trekking through the city with our backpacks. Mostly, though, it’s hot-and humid enough to rid ourselves of any semblance of cleanliness, something I personally hold onto as much as possible when traveling. Though the inevitable takes over sooner or later. My travel companion has taken to mid-terminal dancing to the instrumental hits of the 90’s playing overhead. We cope how we can.

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T-1 Month.

Apparently, we’re leaving in a month. In two hours, one month from now, we’ll be boarding a red-eye from DC to Accra. It hardly feels like we’re going yet, aside from passports I  haven’t thought too much about it, especially since all the details are still very much up in the air.

On another note, I felt pretty “hip” this morning when perusing conde nast traveler online and found this article.

God has spoken: The future of gastronomy is being cooked up in Peru,” -Chef Ferran Adrià

I feel so lucky to have caught this culinary revolution in it’s relative beginnings-and before major publications wrote it up. And I would love to go back, in a decade or so to see what has changed.

A Taste of Ghana

As I begin to prepare to leave for Ghana (t-54!), I’ve been of course reading the Brandt travel guide I recently bought (oddly, the only guide book exclusively made for Ghana). But, admittedly, I’ve been drifting to other sources, such as the New York Times-A Taste of Ghana. The NYT guide for “36 hours in Lima” proved as an excellent starting point for our culinary excursions, and I imagine this article to have a similar effect.

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