Cusco and Travel "Hazards"

Plaza De’Armas

So far, we’ve been pretty lucky in terms of travel annoyances. Nothing major has happened, a delayed flight (on a local airline-not surprising), and a few instances of language issues (taxis). But overall, not bad! Today, we woke up early to catch a flight to Cusco, once we arrived and booked our tickets for Machu Picchu we settled into our rooms. I was excited our room had a safe, so when we planned on going out, I tried to put the laptop in. It’s a miracle I’m currently writing from it. Defying physics, it made it into the safe, but could not be removed! We tried every angle, but it was stuck…after the concierge unsuccessfully attempted to get it out, he had the safe removed from the wall. Still, nothing. We were afraid we would have to saw it open in order to get it out! Luckily, after a few more attempts we were able to find the “perfect,” and apparently, only angle necessary.  I felt pretty ridiculous, I’m guessing that this had never happened before! But, I suppose if this is the worst thing that happens…thats not so bad!

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Cebiche, Phalluses, Spanish Dim Sum, and Cuy

Ancient native pottery

Guest post by Alex

Traveling with someone that not only has a deeply engrained passion for food, but is also a professional pastry chef has its amazing benefits. First off, I usually pack some type of food when taking a flight that lasts for more than a few hours. Most American airlines have since discarded meal services on domestic flights, however Aeromexico still serves the prototypical cardboard airline food. Luckily Jessica had mentioned that she would be happy to bake a fresh baquet (or two…) for the flights. Yes! Now we had delicious homemade ham and cheese along with prosciutto and butter sandwiches to enjoy on our flights between LAX, Mexico City, and Lima.

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Bienvenidos a Lima!

Miraflores, Lima: View from our hotel.

Yesterday, we woke up at the absurd hour of 3:45am to begin our journey to Lima. The entire day was uneventful, which when it comes international travel is about as ideal as it gets. We arrived at the hotel at 2:30am, and greeted by that distinct “foreign country” smell, with a unique twist sure to burn into our sensory memory. It was good to be on the ground. We’re staying at the Marriott, which is located in Miraflores, the most upscale region of Lima. The hotel lover looks the cliffs of LarcoMar, and is absolutely gorgeous. Quite the way to begin our trip! The fog this morning has been pretty thick, so we haven’t seen much of Lima, but as the day passes its beginning to burn off, revealing the huge sprawl that is Lima.
So, after getting ready, what to do first? It seems pretty obvious…ceviche! We’re off this afternoon to La Mar, and I think I can speak for both of us when I say, we’re ridiculously excited!
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The Next Adventure: Peru

It’s been over a year since my return to the US. I don’t believe a day went by during this time I didn’t think of traveling again. Perhaps I’ve romanticized Africa, but I can truly say it was one of the greatest times in my life. Im ecstatic to see what this next adventure will bring. It is markedly different of course. I’m going to Lima, Peru. A modern city. I am also not traveling alone. I can only imagine how polar this experience will be, and I’m glad, it’s new, somewhere I have yet to see. And I get to share this experience with someone I love. We leave in two days, and I absolutely cannot wait.
Already, I’ve noticed dramatic differences since last year. To be honest, I haven’t put much thought into it. I didn’t start packing until a few days ago. In terms of prepping I’ve mostly been researching the culinary scene in Lima. It is after all, a food capital, and I am clearly, in love with the industry.

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