The Importance of a Sandwich

Sitting in the DC airport, excessively early. Excessive being, a great understatement. It’s so early in fact, we can’t even go through security. In part because the heat index is in the triple digits, and in part because we didn’t feel like trekking through the city with our backpacks. Mostly, though, it’s hot-and humid enough to rid ourselves of any semblance of cleanliness, something I personally hold onto as much as possible when traveling. Though the inevitable takes over sooner or later. My travel companion has taken to mid-terminal dancing to the instrumental hits of the 90’s playing overhead. We cope how we can.

Before leaving we made our usual fra’mani rosemary ham and brie sandwich, with a touch of fleur de sel, it’s a perfect travel companion. And certainly better than airport food. We were careful to remember it, and not leave it in the fridge for a less than pleasant return “present.” We had half yesterday and placed the remainder in the hotel mini-fridge. And of course, on our way to lunch, left it (after checking out). I called, and asked them to bring it to the front desk for when we got back. But of course, they didn’t. Apologizing, they offered a replacement. I don’t know why, and this was true for both of us, we were strangely upset by the loss of our sandwich. As traveling goes, it’s probably a 1 on the scale of “obnoxious-unexpected-travel-mishaps,” and yet, we were slightly sad. While waiting for our shuttle, they had managed to track it down. From the front desk they informed us they had found it, but do we just want to throw it away? She said it in a tone that suggested she already knew we wouldn’t want it. We both enthusiastically informed her that yes, actually, we would. And so, we were re-united. And probably gave everyone at the front desk a good story about some guest’s odd interest in a sandwich.
I still don’t know why we cared, it cost about $6 to make, and was then a day old. But still, perhaps it was a comfort from home we had counted on. Either way, we were both thrilled to have it back.
And thus far, aside from waiting, travel has been exceptionally easy. Of course the singular action of my typing this will in all likelihood change future events. The DC to Accra flight was canceled the night before. Here’s to hoping that doesn’t happen again tonight!


3 thoughts on “The Importance of a Sandwich

  1. Your first story- and we loved it! The sandwich tension was so well described that we too were unreasonably relieved and thrilled when you all were reunited! And we’re so sorry we couldn’t actually see your travel companion doing mid-terminal dancing!! Can’t wait to read more!

  2. Very descriptive, I agree; can just see you two there. Will we hear from your “travel companion” or does he have his own blog?

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