After a fairly uneventful 10 (not 8 as I for some reason thought) ride from DC to Accra, we arrived.  Given there was only minor plane-sickness (me) and an almost lost passport (almost), we made it easily through security and got our bags (not lost!).

Alex’s program picked us up and took us to get phones, so we both now sport some awesome nokias reminiscent of the early 2000’s. After that, I got a cab to the Univeristy and Alex stayed at the Accra homebase and is headed up north this morning (the 25th).

First impressions are eerily similar to Tanzania. Everything looks slightly different of course, the trees are different, the ground has a golden beet quality, versus the deep red of East Africa. But it is, very familiar. Streets lined with stalls for shops, bad traffic (though paved roads) and sharp contrast of living situations, though the economic stability is more present here. And of course, the people are incredibly nice. So nice, in fact I feel a bit guilty they’re paying me so much attention.

I’m not staying in the dorms, but rather out on the University’s farm, benefits being it’s beautiful and lush. Downsides, of course, I’m relatively alone and nothing is within walking distance, so while a staff is there should I need anything, I’m still uncertain how to get food for meals…But I’m sure it will workout. But! I have my own bathroom and AC (!!!). I’m a bit sad I probably won’t meet other travelers easily, I may pick a hotel later this month in Accra to stay if I go a bit sitr-crazy from being alone often. And naturally, I miss my travel companion quite a bit, it’s strange to be in the same foreign country without him.

I’m finding my previous experience in TZ to be helpful, if mostly for the sense of familiarity, nothing seems so different that I need to adjust to (maybe just readjust), plus without a language barrier, everything is easier. I have noticed, a significant lack of other travelers. In Moshi, if you headed to the city center the cafes were littered with expats and travelers. Maybe I’ll find that area of town, but so far I haven’t seen anyone since I left the projects abroad office.

So far, so good. There’s still a fair amount to figure out, I’ll update as I can. The University runs on laptops? Which, of course I don’t have, so not sure how often I’ll have internet!


One thought on “Arrival

  1. GREAT to read of your arrival and some details! Happy you’ve got comfort but wishing too that you were surrounded by people- and food! Looking forward to updates!

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