Travel Confessions: A Fear of Solo Travel

In my head, I generally regard my travel-self (as opposed to my “domestic-self”) as some sort of daring, adventuring, vagabonding type  able to change my mind on a whim and take what ever challenges come my way with great ease. While at home I’m pretty flexible and adventurous I certainly don’t exhibit the same sort of easy spirited nature, at least not the same extent. There are few places I’m unwilling to travel, and few things I’m not willing to try. Not much scares me in the world of travel. Well, giant amazon spiders do, quite a bit, but they would never prevent my venturing. Continue reading


A Generation in Transition

Hurricane Ridge, WA

As I write this I’m watching a desk being put together, a room coming together, and the chaos of moving slowly dissipating. The life of two, fit snugly into a u-haul. It feels like only yesterday I moved into the most recent Pasadena apartment, but that was six months ago. And now, I’m 400 miles away. I thought I would be at least a little upset with moving, and while saying goodbye to people and places is always hard, it has become to me, disturbingly easy. Home has ceased to be a physical place, but a mental state of familiarity and comfort. Transition has become my “home.” I feel little attachment to a physical location, but rather of memories and people, and no matter where I am, there are plenty of memories and friends to be made. Continue reading

Quarter Life Crisis.

Someone push the pause button please?

My twenties are nearly half over, on Friday, I turn 25.

Back in college, you know forever ago, my mom told me to enjoy my twenties because they fly by. It’s a time of excitement, learning, and exceptional trial and error. She was not kidding. I couldn’t tell you where the past five years have gone.

Thinking back to everything that has happened, it seems astounding, as if through five years I’ve lived a multitude of lives. Looking back on that 20-year old I used to be, I see such a different person it’s difficult to believe we’re one in the same.

Continue reading

The Responsible Traveler

Masai Village

2009, ready to embark on my first solo trip half way around the world. I’m volunteering with CCS, and compulsively perusing the message boards on the online forum. Mostly, they’re for future volunteers to ask questions or connect with fellow travelers. One post in particular though, catches me off guard. A previous volunteer shared her concerns that volunteerism, far from being a benefit to the countries we were visiting she suggested, it was actually a great cause of harm. Of course, at the time it bothered me, but I didn’t think too much about it. I had chosen CCS because they had great connections with the community that supported sustainable projects. Continue reading