Day One: St. Jean to Roncesvalles, 25.1 km

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Last night at communal dinner we started the evening with introductions. We stated our names, where we were from and why we were hiking the camnio, the people and their reasons varied greatly. Ages 20-80 from all parts of the world, most people were hiking for some version of bettering themselves. I almost felt ridiculous that my reason is simply for the adventure. Although on today’s hike I met Sarah, one of three Canadian women about my age, who is walking with her mother. She too is walking for the adventure of it, stating, “my life is good right now, I’m not trying to fix it, I’m just enjoying it.” Which, pretty much sums up how I feel.

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Day 0: St. Jean

After a short flight, and easy shuttle connection I’ve arrived in St.Jean! The weather is remarkably warm and I’ve already managed to get a very mild sunburn. As luck would have it I have only one roommate, a girl from Brazil around my age. We have a private bath, so adapting to communal living is avoided for one more day.

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And I’m Off: St. Jean!

Camino Day 0

This is probably the most clean I’ll be for a while. Tomorrow, I’m flying to France and taking a shuttle to St. Jean Pied de Port where I’ll start my trek on Wednesday. Plans have changed slightly, and I’m meeting Alex in Madrid after my first ten days for a long weekend, then rejoining the trail after. I’m really excited about this, aside from the obvious seeing Alex, and gorging myself on tapas, it mentally helps break up the long hike, I only have to think about the first ten days.

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Turning 28 and a Weekend in the Côte d’Azur


Nice from Above

Despite living in Europe for over two years now (what?!) we have yet to get over just how easy it is to travel here. We decided, since we had a long weekend and ticket prices were good, that we’d fly to Nice for my birthday weekend. I’d celebrate turning 28 on the French Riviera. Which, truly sounds far more glamorous than it was. It is essentially the same as traveling from Seattle to Los Angeles (weather change included). But to us, it’s still one of the most exciting things about living in Europe, and proximity to different countries is top on my list of things I’ll miss when we move home (t-19 months?!). And so, Friday morning we took a quick two-hour flight to Nice.

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