And I’m Off: St. Jean!

Camino Day 0

This is probably the most clean I’ll be for a while. Tomorrow, I’m flying to France and taking a shuttle to St. Jean Pied de Port where I’ll start my trek on Wednesday. Plans have changed slightly, and I’m meeting Alex in Madrid after my first ten days for a long weekend, then rejoining the trail after. I’m really excited about this, aside from the obvious seeing Alex, and gorging myself on tapas, it mentally helps break up the long hike, I only have to think about the first ten days.

On my last days in Dublin I headed over to the Guinness factory to get my credential stamped at the St. James’ gate, the original starting point for Irish Pilgrims.

St. James Gate Processed with VSCOcam with q9 preset









It finally feels real, and I’ve run through various emotions, including excitement, uncertainty, even apathy, but now I’m settled on something I can only describe as “guarded excitement.” I’m not really worried about anything aside from physically injuring myself somehow, or terrible weather. Particularly, on the first day over the Pyrenees, one of the hardest days on the whole trail. Only within the past week or so has the snow melted enough for this route to be open, so those of us starting next week may not be able to cross it and will have to take the lower route through Valcarlos, which, at least is meant to be quite pretty as well. So I’m mostly thinking about that first challenge.

Mostly though, I’m just curious. Curious about the people I’ll meet, how my body will cope with the physical challenge, how I’ll feel about the whole thing. I’m not really anxious though, probably because there’s nothing I can control. I just have to show up and start walking, simple enough! Right?

I’m not sure how much I’ll update from the road, though I plan on it as much as is possible. I will say though, apologies in advance for any typos, I’ll be working from an ipad mini, likely, exhausted.

So, onto St. Jean!




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