Plitvice Lakes + Zagreb

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Even if you’ve never heard of Plitvice Lakes, you’ve seen pictures of it. Most likely on some round up of “places to see before you die.” That is not hyperbole, this place is incredible. With caveats of course, but well worth the visit.

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Istria + Slovenia


I almost don’t want to talk about Istria. It’s an incredible place that’s still off the radar for many. Even the most touristed cities in the area still felt fairly quiet. When choosing where to go in Croatia there is, of course, a pull to see the most famous sites, Dubrovnik, the islands. But what we were told by people who knew Croatia, and what we ultimately trusted for our family gathering was that the lesser known Istria was the best of Croatia. I’m glad we listened.  Continue reading

Split and Zadar


Take me back.

Maybe not to the bus ride from Bosnia that took forever, thanks to immigration and smug officials that seem to throughly enjoy making us wait and checking the bags of young men after pulling them from the bus. And then a broken down bus. But perhaps back to our first Dalmatian coast destination: Split. We were concerned it would be like Dubrovnik, overrun from cruise ships and Game of Thrones fans, and while it was touristy, it was far from a ruined city.

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Dubrovnik: Redeeming an Overcrowded City

It isn’t as if we didn’t know Dubrovnik might not be an enjoyable city. When researching Croatia we read that a lot of people disliked it. But, that’s also what we heard about Bangkok, a city we loved. Plus, it’s technically still shoulder season, so we figured why not? It’s a good thing we had two full days though, otherwise we would have left hating the city. But with a little effort avoiding the crowds generated by the cruise ships can redeem this city. It’s a shame though, it’s gorgeous here, but the mass tourism is absolutely out of control. Just google image “crowds in Dubrovnik.” It’s upsetting. Continue reading