First Week

I’m almost done with my first week at placement. On my first day we got a tour of the hospital, and at the end of the day watched a live birth, it was incredible. The hospital is government run, so very dirty and lacking in supplies. The US funds the HIV/AIDS clinic, so it’s very modern and clean. The smell is intense, and has made me feel ill on a few occasions, hopefully I’ll get better!
We went to an orphanage yesterday that was donated by the German rotary club, there is a lot of foreign aid here. It was really new and clean, very surprising given the conditions in most of the places!
Everything is going well, everyone got sick, but managed to avoid it! I’m going on Safari tomorrow through Sunday and am beyond excited.
Until then…


2 thoughts on “First Week

  1. >have fun indeed!the rest of us in western culture will try to carry on without such adventuresi cannot believe you're actually there, how incredible:)take many many photosyou'll never forget these next few months!

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