First Day

After a sort of traumatic journey, I’ve made it here, and gotten my lost luggage (thanks Dad). Everything is so beautiful, and the house is incredible. Everyone is really nice and very welcoming. I have to use an internet cafe, so uploading pictures is a little difficult, and will have to do most of it when I get home.

The first day was all orientation, getting to know the town etc. When we went into Moshi we were instantly attacked by vendors who all spoke fluent english, took a bit of getting used to! The town is actually very clean and although poverty is present, there is a lot of money as well, there are huge gated compounds near CCS with mercedes parked in the driveway.
From the Balcony you can see the mountain, its incredible, and pictures do it no justice.
Today, we had to go find someone’s home and ask for a Kanga (wrap cloth) and write down what phrase it had on it, sort of like a statement tee? Anyway, before we even said anything the woman welcomed us to her home! All the kids are super sweet, and run up to you in the street and want you take pictures so they can see. Some have names like “hope” or “love” because it’s popular to name your kids engligh names, even if it doesn’t make sense.
Tomorrow we start our placements, should be interesting!
I can’t use the internet cafe to upload any pictures…way too slow. So I’m going to try via my blackberry at a later date, but no promises unfortunatly!


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