The Half Way Point.

On Saturday I will be half through my time here. I can hardly believe time has passed so quickly. I feel like I’ve just arrived from Amsterdam yesterday, though at the same time, I feel like I’ve been here for much longer. I’ve gotten used to the lack of electricity at any given hour, toilets that may or may not work (or be more than a hole in the ground), a lack of paved roads and the general smells that accost you through out the day. It’s difficult to describe this place, pictures don’t give it justice.

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Week 4

The internet has been down at the house and around town for a few days, but we found a high speed internet cafe, so may be able to upload some photos at some point? This past weekend most of the volunteers from the previous group as well as ours left. Thursday night we went to the watering hole, which is a German run “mzungu” bar, then Friday at glacier (more local). So now we’re down to five until this weekend. The house is really quite, but its kind of a nice break. Heading to Zanzibar on Thursday, very excited! Will update more later, minutes running out!

First Week

I’m almost done with my first week at placement. On my first day we got a tour of the hospital, and at the end of the day watched a live birth, it was incredible. The hospital is government run, so very dirty and lacking in supplies. The US funds the HIV/AIDS clinic, so it’s very modern and clean. The smell is intense, and has made me feel ill on a few occasions, hopefully I’ll get better!
We went to an orphanage yesterday that was donated by the German rotary club, there is a lot of foreign aid here. It was really new and clean, very surprising given the conditions in most of the places!
Everything is going well, everyone got sick, but managed to avoid it! I’m going on Safari tomorrow through Sunday and am beyond excited.
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First Day

After a sort of traumatic journey, I’ve made it here, and gotten my lost luggage (thanks Dad). Everything is so beautiful, and the house is incredible. Everyone is really nice and very welcoming. I have to use an internet cafe, so uploading pictures is a little difficult, and will have to do most of it when I get home.

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