Away We Go

I’m on my way! First flight is delayed due to fog! But long layover in seattle so it should be fine. Apparently the incoming plane tried to land but missed!

The pullman flight ended up being cancelled but they were able to book me out of spokane. So after a stressful drive I’ve made it and my flight is on time! On to seattle!


Back On Track

T-60 hours!!!
After careful consideration, we’ve decided to just pay, though this is irritating apparently it is quite typical of the government! I suppose whats $500 in terms of a once in a life time opportunity? And if this is all that goes wrong, then it will have been quite a smooth trip. I fully anticipate other “difficulties” to be encountered, hopefully my electronics will not decide to die.

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Tanzania and Human Origins

Today while reading about Tanzania I was reminded that it is the location of what is believed to be our first ancestor, found in 1959 in Ngorongoro Crater. “African Eve” is thought to be 150,000 years old. DNA studies suggest that the oldest known lineages are those of East Africans, most ancient include the Sandawe, Burunge, Gorowa and Datoga, all of whom reside in Tanzania.

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