Away We Go

I’m on my way! First flight is delayed due to fog! But long layover in seattle so it should be fine. Apparently the incoming plane tried to land but missed!

The pullman flight ended up being cancelled but they were able to book me out of spokane. So after a stressful drive I’ve made it and my flight is on time! On to seattle!


2 thoughts on “Away We Go

  1. >We know you're about to be on your way to your Grand Adventure-as soon as that fog lifts! Our thoughts and ALL good wishes go with you!!!

  2. >boo indeed!oh well, better to get the bugs worked out in the states than overseashow was your flight?i miss you alreadyi think back to when i left for spain, i know exactly how you feel!journal everyday, write down everything, just let it out!it's a spectacular way to work through thingsi wasn't a writer until i lived in spain:)i miss you moose, for that you can be surerock it in africa darling!i'm excited to follow you on this journey:)

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