Just got back from Safari. Loved it. It felt like it was straight out of a movie. We saw so many animals, many right on the side of the road. We went to the Ngororo crater and Taryingere national park where we were almost charged by an elephant…and a baboon stole part of my lunch! It was so beautiful, can’t wait to try and upload some pictures. Placement is going well, did CD4 tests and HIV rapid tests today (luckly all negatitive) as well as sit in on OPD consultations. The diagnostic ability of the doctors is so impressive, with little technology they rely heavily on knowledge and patient history. Genny and I even got to do a consultation with a student, with the doctor overseeing us of course. Wednessday we go to the waterfall as well as a few other “cultural activities” so until then….


One thought on “Safari!

  1. >That hospital stuff sounds AMAZING….that is so cool and wonderful that you get to do/see all of that. Very jealous.I think we all need to hear more about the baboon stealing your lunch…

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