Knock on Wood

Out of 15 people 12 are getting very sick, including malaria. Genny, Julien and I have avoided thus far! All three of us don’t work with kids so we think that may be why. Other than that, we went to a Chagga village today and climbed through the caves they used when the wars with the wamasai were occurring. Saw some nasty spiders… We also did a 1000 ft climb to a glacier run off to go swimming. Super cold, but very refreshing! Back to work tomorrow!


One thought on “Knock on Wood

  1. >13 people?! Jeez, that's intense…and you're one of the lucky three…I bet it's because of the street taco we ate in Playa del Carmen! lol or maybe because you don't work with kids (and ironically work in a hospital). Did you get to drink the glacier water?! Sooo good! Sounds like a refreshing trip!

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