Week Two

As per Alex’s request for the baboon story…On the second day of Safari we stopped for lunch at a campsite in Tarangire National Park. There was an overlook facing the park, so we took our boxed lunches to the ledge. Then a baboon literally ran up and stole half my lunch from the box and ran away. scared me so much, but it was pretty funny.
Other than that, everyone is still sick, so far so good but everytime my throat hurts a little or I have a headache I’m convinced I have Malaria. I’m sure I’ll be fine, hopefully won’t get sick at all!

Placement is going well, did my first blood draw yesterday (and didn’t completly fail). I’m finding the lab to be where I’m most useful, and prefer it to the more clinical settings. Which has been making me lead even more towards research as a career, we’ll see.
We got our itinerary for Kili, leaving on October 4th or 5th, and hiking for seven days to the summit.
It’s hard to believe two weeks are over, and next week is the last week for most people here, then it will just be four of us for a week before the next intake, which is 15 people. Looking forward to meeting them, but really sad the old people are leaving!


One thought on “Week Two

  1. >Haha, I think the image of a baboon running at you and then grabbing your lunch is hilarious…but, yes, scary of course ha.

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