It Finally Hits…

Yesterday afternoon I finally I got sick, fever and body ache mostly. But after sleeping all afternoon and night I feel much better today, still not %100, but better. My fever is gone, so now my stomach just feels “off.” I’m hoping I’m on the rebound, but we’ll see, most people who have gotten sick stayed sick for at least a week, but maybe I’ll be OK. Luckily, no trip this weekend, a bunch went to Zanzibar but the four of us who are staying longer decided to wait to get cheaper airfare. So just plan on relaxing the entire time, may go to the grocery store at some point…


One thought on “It Finally Hits…

  1. >We're so glad to hear you're feeling better-and hope it continues! So many new experiences-elephants, baboons, blood drawing, births-wow!!! It's not Tacoma, is it! Just got back from Pasadena, with lots of move-in pictures-looking good! We send you good thoughts every day-

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