The Day to Day

So for those interested, my everyday looks basically like this:
6am-wake up
7am breakfast
then free time or “cultural activities” like waterfall hikes, orphanage visits, etc.
then usually after dinner hang around and talk to people then usually in bed by 9:30pm, at the latest!

On the weekends you either travel (safari, Zanzibar, Lake Victoria, or whatever) or stay in. Most people go out to the bars at night, which are all outside.
There is a lot of free time, but you’re usually so tired from work you just relax, and it goes by quickly.
This Saturday we’re going on a coffee hike where we get to see coffee made starting from the farms and then get to roast our own, and take it back if we want, I think I’ll wait and place an order right before coming home so it’ll be fresh when I get back to the states.
Tomorrow we all decided to play a house game of assassin, and since there are only 15 of us, should only last a few days (google if unsure of the game, takes a while to explain). And we’re all going out to dinner in town (hosted by CCS).
Time is passing quickly, though ten more weeks does feel like an eternity at the same time. I really miss food from home, especially pizza (picos!!), which a lot of people seem to miss as well. The food is good, but a lot of stews or currys, so not solid, which when you feel sick isn’t the best.
The potholes here are unreal, seriously will never complain about the ones in the states, ever again. Most roads are dirt, they don’t have signs, and potholes line them, several feet deep. Needless to say the car ride to work in the morning is brutal, and most cars are barely functioning (no one has a working gas gauge)….so far that’s all I can think of!


One thought on “The Day to Day

  1. >Haha. I know what you mean about missing certain foods — especially pizza! The pizza in Japan is nasty, and they put the most random things on it. I also know what you mean by everything going so fast. I can't believe I'm home already, my summer in Japan is over =/ I hope you're having an amazing time!

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