Week 3…So Far

This week has been quite eventful! After fully recovering on Monday, Tuesday we got to go to the Morgue at work. I wasn’t sure what my reaction would be, but I was fine. Apparently there are two “coolers” for general deaths (disease, old age, and suicide-which is unfortunately high here) and another for police cases, which most are never solved due to lack of organization and a lot of corruption. Later that day we went to KCMC, the private hospital next to the medical school.

While it was significantly cleaner than our (aka infectious ward was actually separated from non infectious) it was still no where near “US standards” though despite this, run remarkably smooth for the amount of chaos that seems to take place.
Today we drove to Arusha to the Rwanda genocide tribunal where we were shown the facilities and debriefed on recent and past cases. Unfortunately, there weren’t any trials today for viewing, but it was very interesting none the less. Currently, they’ve arrested 80 people, and are still looking for 12, of these 80 around 44 have been sentenced (anywhere from 25years-life). I had no idea that around 1 million had died (1/7 the entire countries population) over the course of only 100 days. It was incredible to get to see this.
Not much going on this weekend, except saying goodbye to the 12 people leaving (sad!)


3 thoughts on “Week 3…So Far

  1. >that's incrediblei can't imagine being in such a place as the genocide tribunal, the kind of energy that must exist! what an experience.i understand about such potholes, the states have nothing on them!i'm sorry you were sick but am so thankful you're on the mend.everything sounds so surreal, as in a dreami love reading all of these, keep writing!you & africa, yes it just fits

  2. >Sorry this took so long to respond too…completely forgot. But yes, private hospitals cost money where as government ones are free

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