On “Training” for El Camino de Santiago

IMG_3998By “training” I mean, wander around Dublin at a reasonably quick pace while stopping for groceries and cappuccinos. I don’t really know how I should be preparing for this, having never attempted anything like it. The internet ranges in advice from, “didn’t train, was fine” to “here’s my guide to the 156 exercises you should master for a long distance hike! Do it or you’ll die!” I’m a reasonably fit person, and don’t have the inclination to walk 800km in preparation to…walk 800km. After all, that’s what this is, a walk. Not a run, not a hard climb. It’s long, but it’s not a grand feat of strength. More like not pushing too hard and wearing proper shoes (to grossly oversimplify). I didn’t train at all for Kili, at best I was acclimated from being in Moshi for a few months. And I made it, granted, with a fair amount of fanfare and struggle. But I did it, so I figure I can do this too. But because it doesn’t hurt to be somewhat prepared, I’ve thrown together a training program to get my body (most particularly, my joints) somewhat acclimated for a daily assault.

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