The First Month

I’ve officially been in Moshi for one month now (two to go)!! I cannot believe how fast time has gone!
Last week we started shadowing a surgeon at the hospital (Dr. Ruga), through his surgical and maternity rounds and consultations. Though less hands on than before it has been very interesting to see how the medical system works up close. For example, many people who come in with fractures are set up in beds with a roap and rocks to hold them in place…interesting. Today we went into surgery, but only for a bit since our time ran out. All I can say is the theater was straight out of a horror movie, windows open to the outside and not sterile at all…they couldn’t find stirrups for the man’s leg so Genny and a nurse had to physically hold his legs back, the smells made us both almost pass out. To put him “under” they just loaded him up with vallium. It was a tough day! Not sure what’s happening the rest of the week, but all day friday is in surgery, so we’ll see how that goes. We can’t understand how not every person there is dying from infection! The burn ward especially.

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Week 3…So Far

This week has been quite eventful! After fully recovering on Monday, Tuesday we got to go to the Morgue at work. I wasn’t sure what my reaction would be, but I was fine. Apparently there are two “coolers” for general deaths (disease, old age, and suicide-which is unfortunately high here) and another for police cases, which most are never solved due to lack of organization and a lot of corruption. Later that day we went to KCMC, the private hospital next to the medical school.

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Just got back from Safari. Loved it. It felt like it was straight out of a movie. We saw so many animals, many right on the side of the road. We went to the Ngororo crater and Taryingere national park where we were almost charged by an elephant…and a baboon stole part of my lunch! It was so beautiful, can’t wait to try and upload some pictures. Placement is going well, did CD4 tests and HIV rapid tests today (luckly all negatitive) as well as sit in on OPD consultations. The diagnostic ability of the doctors is so impressive, with little technology they rely heavily on knowledge and patient history. Genny and I even got to do a consultation with a student, with the doctor overseeing us of course. Wednessday we go to the waterfall as well as a few other “cultural activities” so until then….

First Week

I’m almost done with my first week at placement. On my first day we got a tour of the hospital, and at the end of the day watched a live birth, it was incredible. The hospital is government run, so very dirty and lacking in supplies. The US funds the HIV/AIDS clinic, so it’s very modern and clean. The smell is intense, and has made me feel ill on a few occasions, hopefully I’ll get better!
We went to an orphanage yesterday that was donated by the German rotary club, there is a lot of foreign aid here. It was really new and clean, very surprising given the conditions in most of the places!
Everything is going well, everyone got sick, but managed to avoid it! I’m going on Safari tomorrow through Sunday and am beyond excited.
Until then…