Marathon Training: The Final Weeks


Sixteen and a half weeks ago I started training for a marathon. Like a lot of things I do in my life, it stemmed from a perspective of “why not?” The most valuable pursuits in my life have always been somewhat lofty goals that required a great departure from my comfort zone. The reward has always been life changing. Not in the epiphany sort of way, but more in subtle shifts of perspective that permeate all aspects of my life. But ultimately, vastly improve it.  The three life changing events that come immediately to mind are when I flew to Nepal by myself to trek in the Himalayas, when I summited Mt. Kilimanjaro with zero training and gear that was by most considerations, barely adequate, when I hiked across Spain for a month. And soon, I believe, training for, and running my first marathon will be added to this list.

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On Training for a First Marathon

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A more reasonable person might wait to train for a marathon until they’ve been running for more than six months (which is when I began this training cycle). But because I don’t do anything “reasonably,” I decided to jump right in, the noise of the collective opinion on running muffled in my mind. I started running assuming it would just be an athletic outlet, I didn’t really intend to race. And then, as it goes, I was sucked in. Because I can’t do anything casually I’ve fully committed to a rigorous marathon training scheme, running about double the volume of your average first time marathoner. We’ll find out if this was a smart choice on April 10th. But hey, go big, right? Or something.

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