On Saying Goodbye and Going Home.

CollegeWe said goodbye, again. We’ve gotten good at this, we’ve done it so many times over the last eight years. But it’s only gotten harder, at least for me.

As my stateside summer drew to an end my little (and only) sister began her next big adventure: college. I was lucky enough to be there and help her move in. Continue reading


Summer Beginnings, Back to the US: Reflections and Nostalgia.

Coming Home: Corgi.

Coming Home: Corgi.

After 9 months in Ireland I’m back stateside for the summer. It feels good to be home. In the past 15 months I’ve only spent 2 in the states, and while it’s been amazing it is a giant relief to be in my home country, at least for a few months. It’s going to be a great summer of events, starting with a graduation and birthday, ending with a wedding and several adventures in between. And at some point, of course, writing that pesky Master’s Thesis. I (mostly) can’t wait! It feels, as any transition an end to an era. And of course, a beginning. I find myself overjoyed in the memories made, and can’t help but reflect on what has been a grand adventure.  Continue reading

En Route: Chicago


The cabin filled with a warm, luminescent orange as the sun set over the western horizon. The airplane, a normally cold, dry, and generally uncomfortable place felt strangely different. The light gave the impression that a fireplace had been placed somewhere unseen casting shadows and suggesting warmth. Outside the wings skimmed the clouds, which completely covered the sky beneath. The scene looked nearly identical to snow, as the slight turbulence sent us bobbing over the frosted hills, the setting sun distorted by the clouds suggesting mountains peeking in the distance, though there were none. I watched, transfixed by the illusion.
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