India 2.0-Udaipur

1914549_984413555358_6820196978318039057_nUdaipur, compared to Delhi feels like a small town, though this city boasts nearly 500,000 residents. It’s known for it’s several artificial lakes that snake around the city, that, and the filming location for Octopussy. Last time I was in Udaipur I stayed up in the maze of alleyways that define the tourist center of the city, this time, we stayed on the water with views of the Lake Palace.

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Bandarawela + Mirissa

Flanking our hiking trip we stayed in a few non-descript towns with little in them aside from a smattering of shops and a grocery store. One such town was Bandarawela. There is little point to visiting here, other than as a jumping off point for hiking. Luckily, our tour included a cooking class in a private home just outside of town.

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