Galle + Colombo

It’s the end of our trip. Two weeks gone nearly instantaneously. We’re all a bit tired, and the heat and humidity is wearing. Personalities clash a bit as we all show signs of fatigue. The ride to Galle, an upmarket, fortress-village is quite. Once we arrive we find  a burger restaurant, desperate to avoid any more rice. We spend the afternoon wandering the Dutch-colonial town in a bit of a heat-stupor. We later watched a sunset with moods lifting as heat dissipated.

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Bandarawela + Mirissa

Flanking our hiking trip we stayed in a few non-descript towns with little in them aside from a smattering of shops and a grocery store. One such town was Bandarawela. There is little point to visiting here, other than as a jumping off point for hiking. Luckily, our tour included a cooking class in a private home just outside of town.

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Tea Plantation Hiking

The mist flowed in mid-day, as promised by our guides. We sat around a long wooden table in the aptly named Misty Mountain Lodge, exchanging glances of mild concern. The lodge, in the middle of tea plantation country had little to do, and the mist brought with it further sense of isolation. The more adventurous of our group decides to venture out anyway to explore as much as we could with low visibility.

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