Summer Beginnings, Back to the US: Reflections and Nostalgia.

Coming Home: Corgi.

Coming Home: Corgi.

After 9 months in Ireland I’m back stateside for the summer. It feels good to be home. In the past 15 months I’ve only spent 2 in the states, and while it’s been amazing it is a giant relief to be in my home country, at least for a few months. It’s going to be a great summer of events, starting with a graduation and birthday, ending with a wedding and several adventures in between. And at some point, of course, writing that pesky Master’s Thesis. I (mostly) can’t wait! It feels, as any transition an end to an era. And of course, a beginning. I find myself overjoyed in the memories made, and can’t help but reflect on what has been a grand adventure.  Continue reading


Notes From a Rainy Day

Apple Pie.Today, it rains. Not surprising in Ireland. It’s been clear since returning, almost tricking us into thinking it might stay that way. A steady stream of piercing cold plummets the outside of our apartment, fogging up the windows. Inside, there is a hazy low lit warmth that disuades our ever leaving its comfort. It is the perfect day to bake apple pie.  Continue reading