Israel: Jerusalem + Tel Aviv

Getting from Jordan to Israel by land is in theory, a simple procedure. But with any land crossing, and particularly with one involving contested areas you never know exactly what to expect. We heard experiences ran from benign to horrendous. We resolved ourselves to spending the day getting from Madaba to Jerusalem if needed. From our hotel we shared a taxi to the border with a girl from Switzerland, Sophie, who was living in the West Bank learning Arabic. At the border we paid our departure tax and waited for the bus. This apparently could take anywhere from 20-minutes to two hours as it waited to fill. Luckily for us, it took 25 minutes. We were off towards Israel! Continue reading


The Road to Guatemala


I’ve lost my sunglasses. Again. I always do this. For some reason, on trips it’s the one thing I continually misplace. I have yet to be pickpocketed, or leave my phone on a train, but evidentially I am incapable of maintaining possession of my sunglasses. My favorite ray-bans are currently somewhere in a sand dune in Peru. I don’t know why, but this greatly frustrates me, I don’t really bring pairs I’m super attached to, so the thought that my persols had foreven been lost was more of an inconvenience than anything else. But, I do feel as if by being so careless with them I’m somehow letting myself down as a traveler, that this is an indication of a lack of travel savvy. I was luckily, able to locate them, and retrieve them in San Ignacio on our way to Guatemala. I’m guessing this isn’t the first, or last time I’ll do something like this, or, perhaps get my laptop stuck in a safe in Cuzco. Worse things could happen while traveling, and I’m extremely lucky that this (and a few flight cancelations, and broken-down vehicles) have been the pinnacle of travel disruptions. So perhaps, this was my travel karma, and everything else will be perfectly smooth from now on, heres to hoping anyway!

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