T-20 Days: I feel like I’m forgetting something…


The days until departure are dwindling. I have all my visas, medications, insurance, flights, and a hostel booked for my first two nights. I’ve even begun the daunting task of fitting my life into a 55L pack. And by most backpacking standards-that’s a big pack! And yet, I feel like there’s something of great importance I’ve forgotten.  Continue reading


Bucket List

Machu Picchu: A common "bucket list" contender

I’ve had a progressive bucket list for as long as I can remember. Progressive because it never stayed the same very long; constantly crossing things out, not because I had completed them, but because I grew out of it, or lost interest. I don’t have any record of these early ones though. I wish I could look back to when I was seven, and what I thought I wanted to do throughout my life. It would be candid, at the very least, whimsical I’m sure, and likely totally unrealistic. As it should be at seven years old. Continue reading

Top 5.

Right now I have a short list of countries to visit, by short, I mean 80-something. But many of these countries I want to visit at some point, not necessarily as soon as possible. And when trying to narrow it down to most interested I find it exceptionally difficult, there are so many incredible places to see! But, if I had choose, these are my top 5 (in no particular order). I choose them based on if I had the opportunity to travel at this very moment; these locations are what jump first into my mind.  Continue reading