Top 5.

Right now I have a short list of countries to visit, by short, I mean 80-something. But many of these countries I want to visit at some point, not necessarily as soon as possible. And when trying to narrow it down to most interested I find it exceptionally difficult, there are so many incredible places to see! But, if I had choose, these are my top 5 (in no particular order). I choose them based on if I had the opportunity to travel at this very moment; these locations are what jump first into my mind. 


 There’s a mystery with this country I find particularly intriguing. It’s one of the lesser traveled to locals in South East Asia, and because of this it maintains more cultural authenticity than the typical tourist routes through, say, Thailand. After all, it’s only been allowing travelers entrance since the mid 1990s’. Though, in recent years there has been continued development on that front, which is likely only to get worse. But more than that, I’ve read and heard countless stories of the love affair of this place. For those who visit, it’s a stand out. From the natural, stunning beauty to the open kindness of it’s people. Of course there’s the darker side of history related to the US during the Vietnam War, something I’ll admit I knew very little of until recently. But I have continued to be intrigued by this relatively untouched place, and it is easily of the my top priorities, travel wise. Not to mention, I would love to see it before the tourism business takes it over completely.


The end of the world. Or close to it anyway. It is after all, the gateway to Antarctica. I have a particular attraction to less visited, remote locations, which on occasion has gotten me into trouble, but mostly proves greatly rewarding. Patagonia is another place of which I have romantic visions. I imagine driving to remote cottages in the middle of nowhere spending my time, trekking, horse back riding, and generally observing the brilliant landscape, all the while meeting few other people. While I’m greatly interesting in seeing Buenos Aires, it doesn’t intrigue me the way this place does. If I had to choose a place to go, right now, it would likely be here.

The Seychelles.

While I love off-the beaten track adventure, sometimes what I want most is to pick a spot on the beach and lounge for week, getting up only to sleep, eat, and refill my cocktail. And of course, go diving when I’m not too busy working on my tan. What better place than the pristine waters of the Seychelles? Sure, there’s Bora Bora and the Maldives, but I like that the Seychelles have a little less recognition. The remote location of the coast of Africa doesn’t hurt either, one of those islands, literally hundreds of miles away from anything; perfect.

New Zealand.

 When travel organizations boast that New Zealand “has something for everyone” they aren’t kidding. What intrigues me most, aside from the scenery however, is the possibility of adventure. I may have a slight fear of heights, that I’ve been trying to overcome since childhood, and what better place to complete that than here, sailing off the edge of a cliff? Or perhaps, Bungee jumping? Not to mention the copious amounts of other outdoor adventures available.


 While I have no intention of ever climbing Everest, I have long dreamed of trekking through the Himalayas. There are many places around the world that are exceptionally beautiful, but Nepal sticks out in my mind. I would love to brave the altitude on a month-long trek throughout the region.


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